Nrups Consultants LLP manages its own family office and also provides consulting services to other large family offices.

Skin in the game: Unlike most of the money management industry, we demonstrate differentiation by investing a large corpus of our proprietary funds along with our clients's money across various asset classes. Nrups takes pride in generating industry leading performance (amongst top three in the country) across long and short term time horizons. The team is credited for creating sustained and superior wealth creation.

Access to exclusive products: Nrups gets access to exclusive wealth products from its large network of bankers, wealth managers, industry experts and fund managers. This enables us to evaluate hundreds of products every year and offer the best options that suit our client needs under each asset class. We are thereby able to create customised, tailormade portfolios for our clients based on their individual needs

Nrups takes pride in its team to create sustained value addition for its clients. We diligently strategize and help client's businesses, while carefully studying its strengths and potential to achieve higher growth and become a market leader in its segment. We have a successful track record of advising some prominent large and mid-sized corporates where exceptional "Corporate & Promoter's Wealth Enhancement" has taken place.

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Nrups Consultants LLP has been investing its proprietary funds for over two decades with a focus on generating risk adjusted returns by following this philosophy consistently over the years we been able to generate high double digit returns over a long period of time. Nrups has a team of Investment professionals with a long-standing experience of investing and managing various asset classes.

Nrups Consultants boasts a diverse client portfolio with over 400 assignments in our laurel valuing over Rs. 7,000 Crores of transactions across the diversified industry verticals. We have combined experience of over 130 years having reputable practice in the fields of Corporate Affairs, Finance, Strategies and Investments. The team has been successfully delivering boutique solutions to generate high value for the stakeholders at large.

Nrups Consultants LLP has over the years invested in diverse asset classes including Equity, Fixed Income, Alternatives, Real Estate, High Yielding debt instruments, AIFs etc and has a wide ranging network which enables us to source and get access to the best investment opportunities in the market. The focus at Nrups is on consistently creating wealth without taking substantial risk.

We believe that our client's focus should be on building and growing the business. We augment your vision with our expertise in evaluating liquidity options, planning an exit strategy and/or maximizing the shareholder value. We help our clients identify and prioritize their strategic options in the face of market transformations and growth trajectory. We assist them in adapting their segmentation approaches, customer coverage models and product portfolio to the new reality of a sector in transition.

Excellent execution is our forte. Creating significant value for our client starts with understanding the needsand risk appetite of our clients so as to create tailor made asset allocation frameworks and investment policy statements. We hand hold our clients at every stage and ensure every investment delivers the maximum envisaged value. We firmly believe in creating mutually beneficial relationships by entering into performance linked consulting model which has resulted in path breaking results for our clients.