Family Office (Optimizing Treasury)

We invest across following Instruments:

  • Strategic Stake in Listed/Unlisted entity(With/Without Corporate Wealth Enhancement Services)
  • Direct Equity investments
  • Alternate Investment Fund
  • Co-Investment Opportunities: Real Estate/Other Sectors
  • Fixed Income Instruments :
    Debenture/Bond/Preference share/ICD/Real Estate Funds
  • PMS including overseas
  • Start-up/Venture funding

NRUPS uses its experience and expertise to selectively mentor and advise HNI's having larger portfolio and other Family Offices.

Corporate and Promoter's Wealth Enhancement

Nrups advises and helps companies strategize various business models to suit each business. Broadly, Nrups possesses the necessary expertise to advocate and help the companies to adopt a revolutionary looking business approach of asset light, capital light, debt light business model coupled with high growth trajectory. 

We believe that the barometer of success of any business performance is "Return on capital employed", "Return on net worth" along with "Substantial free cash flow from PAT". Right capital allocation is a key. 

We help to strategize and work out most appropriate business model to achieve above objectives leading to huge wealth creation for corporate and all stakeholders.

The future of the companies will depend on their innovative product line-up, capital allocation and not on building huge assets base. This approach will completely change the way businesses are done and bring about a paradigm shift. It's a 21st century business model and tested by world renowned companies. Nrups has studied this model and developed it to suit Indian business environment.

We have successfully strategized and got successfully implemented the same in couple of known corporates. This strategy has taken companies to a different orbit with rich valuation. 

Our "Corporate & Promoter's Wealth Enhancement" Services suite comprise of the following professional services :

Investment Banking

Our best in class advisory and execution caters to business's complex needs to raise and mobilize appropriate funds. Nrups develops actionable strategies to support client's business and put it on high growth trajectory. We have cutting edge capabilities in investment banking that helps us to serve better our client in strategic and financing needs. Our structured investment banking solutions aid our client to raise equity, expedite inorganic growth through strategic merger & acquisition and effective corporate re-strategizing to gain leadership position in the market.

Private Equity

With an established legacy for excellence, we help companies grow faster with private equity funding. It consists of various investment structures. Our expertise in such specialized and structured products add significant value in raising equity investment. We have deep knowledge of Indian business environment and we excel in arranging equity investment. Our expertise in Private Equity advisory stems from:

  • Handholding pre & post investment stage
  • Long-standing relationships with PE funds, VCs and angel investors.
  • Rigorous and continuous analysis of investment opportunities.
  • Our years of experience and deep seated industry and company specific research enable us to spot growing trends at the early stage.

Merger & Acquisition

Greater synergy and value generation can be achieved by strategic mergers and acquisitions. Our experts analyze the entire spectrum of strategic alternatives based on client goals and aspirations and then suggest best opportunities for growth. We hand hold client through the entire process, to derive the best value from the transaction whether it is to enter a new market, introduce new products, increase market share or gain higher competitiveness. Once the strategic fit is identified, our team with highly analytical approach provides client unique insights, excellent advise and quality execution regarding the proposed acquisition/sell-off, deal structuring and financing.


  • Our M&A team with specialized expertise have guided many transactions.
  • We conduct extensive market research to identify best fit strategic partners and then structure the transaction.
  • We work with the client during all stages of the transaction lifecycle- from strategy and due diligence to post-closing.
  • We leverage our enduring market relationships with investment banks, PE funds, banks and FIs & consulting companies to help our clients to achieve their objectives.


Corporate Re-strategizing Services

Our team with its strong conceptual understanding of various business dynamics and complexities help companies to overcome stagnancy and bottlenecks in their ongoing activities. The team consists of people drawn from industry who have held senior positions and were/ are part of core and strategic team. Our experience pool has competence to guide and mentor the strategic shift and redefine the goals of the company in its new journey. Our corporate re-strategizing services include :

  • Deep Dive approach in understanding and analyzing the existing business.
  • Identifying the problem areas and the resulting bottlenecks.
  • Preparing a blue print of Remodelling the business with special emphasis on re-strategizing the activities including exploring the options of M&A ,joint venture, strategic partnership or any other business tie-ups.
  • Helping the company in preparing a new business plan incorporating various financial models , designing suitable capital structure, financing options and evaluating the merits of Private Equity and other strategic / financial investment in the company.
  • Evaluation of the existing policies, processes and systems of the company and suggesting suitable changes to be in tune with the changing environment and culture.

Transaction Advisory Services

Our experts have worked across domains and have in depth understanding to provide expert advises for perfect execution of the transaction to expand, diversify, scale up and acquire the business for noteworthy growth of companies.

We offer a range of transaction advisory services that help businesses to achieve their goals of expansion, diversification, scaling up and acquisition. Our experts also help the client preparing for a detailed Commercial and Financial Due Diligence for seamless execution of the transaction.

Strategic & Management Services

Advising clients on various aspects of business based on our focused analysis and thorough understanding of their business.

Every company strives for consistent and sustainable growth. Based on our expertise and experience we help our clients in achieving their goals. The bouquet of our management services are as under:

  • Expert evaluation and strategic inputs to optimize the current MIS and other operating system of the business.
  • Advising critical strategies and ideas to scale up the business, optimize the cost and improve profitability
  • Bringing on board our strong relationships with reputed and credible law firms, legal advisors other regulatory advisory services, various consultants and internal/statutory auditors.
  • Reviewing and assessing the performance of the KMPs with respect to budgetary benchmarks and suggesting various options to bridge the gaps.
  • Offering strategic advise on accounting and financial best practices
  • Overseeing performance of CFO and senior team members of Accounts, Finance and corporate affairs.
Debt Syndication

With many years of experience our experts provide custom solutions to fit client debt syndication requirements and goals. The solutions leverage both our expertise and relationships with Banks and leading financial institutions.

We offer a wide range of services to Companies in the areas of debt syndication. Deliverability and structure are the key aspects of debt syndication and we serve during very stage from preparing detailed project reports, financials and other details. Our experts work closely with client to suggest bespoke solutions.

Led by the experienced professionals, we have executed many debt syndication projects successfully. Our competitive advantage stems from :

  • Long standing relationships with Banks, Fis and NBFCs.
  • Expertise in project finance, working capital, acquisition finance and external commercial borrowings (ECBs).
  • Availing debt at the most competitive rate of interest, terms and importantly in the stipulated time frame.